Why Does the Media Speculate?

Why does the media speculate and fabricate a story rather than checking facts? And avoid looking for multiple sources to back up their claims? Has the media become intolerable to the point that we are unsure who the honest news media people are versus those who gossip about entertainers all day long?

Definitely so. Within this digital and modernized social media world with plenty of citizen journalists, it’s quite easy to point out who the journalists are out there, spreading propaganda while ruining the field for the rest of the journalists who are out there to report the truth and balance both points of view (from left to right-wing political parties).

The media needs to quit speculating but dig deeper to find out the truth about someone or something and report it, leaving aside your opinion on the issue. Too many topics are being repeated on the internet constantly and news reporters are running out of ideas as to how to go out and find a story that might be worthwhile reading for their audiences.

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