Introduction to Blogs in Middle School:

Over the last 12 years, social media has been proliferated by the amount of users, followers and journalists who are now using these tools to enhance their work, receive and report news globally and are introduced to college students who are following their paths to becoming future reporters and public relations specialists.

Since the arrival of new technological devices and easily accessible tools, can and is it possible for middle school journalism teachers to teach their students about the difference between a personalized journal and online blogs? Everything that you publicize on the internet, will stay there regardless if you hide behind a fictional name or not. Blogs are meant for students (no matter your age and what year you are in at school), journalists and others who are expanding and preparing their writing skills for the real world to view and decide who will and can survive in the social media world.

Blogs should be introduced to middle school students because it is essential for teens to grasp the knowledge about blogging and what they can do with it. For example, they can use blogging for information they have regarding their homework and present their assignment in front of the class. Or, a journalism course can be added to help students show how writing from a journalism perspective is different from those who write English Literature books.

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