Boy Meets World: Shawn’s Job & Broken Heart

From watching one of Boy Meets World episodes tonight, little did I notice that one scene where they were dreaming of themselves as adults at a reunion, Shawn was asked by Mr. Feeny what his profession was and he said that he was a world travel photographer. It’s interesting to point this out because in Girl Meets World, Shawn did become a photographer and didn’t find love until he met Maya’s mother.

When they were all in a dream on BMW, Angela pointed out two things: 1.) She never found love and 2.) that she had to leave the reunion due to catching a plane. In GMW, on season 2, episode 8, Angela returns as a married woman to give advice to Shawn about moving on and left after speaking with him for a few minutes. The dream from Boy Meets World turned out to be a dream come true, unhappy ending in Girl Meets World, after all.

To find out more information regarding Shawn’s predicted and actual profession is, please click on the following links:

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