“Get a Clue” Film: Journalism Lesson

“Get a Clue,” is one of the best Disney movies which was released at the beginning of the 21st century. And it has some interesting journalistic twist to it that makes you want to see the entire film without moving an inch.

Here are some journalism lessons that you can learn from the film, itself:

1.) When you receive news about someone you care about, jump on it instantly and find out what’s happening, why it’s happening and solve your problems from there. Create a plan and stick with it.

2.) Never be alone. Join a group of people who can cover certain segments. For example, Bob can be a photographer/videographer while Jennifer can interview and Jane writes the story.

3.) Provide Sufficient Evidence-Not everyone is going to listen and believe what you say. It’s important that you provide plenty of evidence to the police and from there onward, will make a decision regarding who’s innocent and have charges dropped against them as well as who’s guilty and what charges will be filed against them.

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