Introduction to Blogs in Middle School:

Over the last 12 years, social media has been proliferated by the amount of users, followers and journalists who are now using these tools to enhance their work, receive and report news globally and are introduced to college students who are following their paths to becoming future reporters and public relations specialists.

Since the arrival of new technological devices and easily accessible tools, can and is it possible for middle school journalism teachers to teach their students about the difference between a personalized journal and online blogs? Everything that you publicize on the internet, will stay there regardless if you hide behind a fictional name or not. Blogs are meant for students (no matter your age and what year you are in at school), journalists and others who are expanding and preparing their writing skills for the real world to view and decide who will and can survive in the social media world.

Blogs should be introduced to middle school students because it is essential for teens to grasp the knowledge about blogging and what they can do with it. For example, they can use blogging for information they have regarding their homework and present their assignment in front of the class. Or, a journalism course can be added to help students show how writing from a journalism perspective is different from those who write English Literature books.


Boy Meets World: Shawn’s Job & Broken Heart

From watching one of Boy Meets World episodes tonight, little did I notice that one scene where they were dreaming of themselves as adults at a reunion, Shawn was asked by Mr. Feeny what his profession was and he said that he was a world travel photographer. It’s interesting to point this out because in Girl Meets World, Shawn did become a photographer and didn’t find love until he met Maya’s mother.

When they were all in a dream on BMW, Angela pointed out two things: 1.) She never found love and 2.) that she had to leave the reunion due to catching a plane. In GMW, on season 2, episode 8, Angela returns as a married woman to give advice to Shawn about moving on and left after speaking with him for a few minutes. The dream from Boy Meets World turned out to be a dream come true, unhappy ending in Girl Meets World, after all.

To find out more information regarding Shawn’s predicted and actual profession is, please click on the following links:

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“Get a Clue” Film: Journalism Lesson

“Get a Clue,” is one of the best Disney movies which was released at the beginning of the 21st century. And it has some interesting journalistic twist to it that makes you want to see the entire film without moving an inch.

Here are some journalism lessons that you can learn from the film, itself:

1.) When you receive news about someone you care about, jump on it instantly and find out what’s happening, why it’s happening and solve your problems from there. Create a plan and stick with it.

2.) Never be alone. Join a group of people who can cover certain segments. For example, Bob can be a photographer/videographer while Jennifer can interview and Jane writes the story.

3.) Provide Sufficient Evidence-Not everyone is going to listen and believe what you say. It’s important that you provide plenty of evidence to the police and from there onward, will make a decision regarding who’s innocent and have charges dropped against them as well as who’s guilty and what charges will be filed against them.

Extremely Long Election:

Last night, everyone was waiting patiently to find out who’s going to be our next President of the United States. Some states didn’t report their poll results until three a.m. Eastern Standard Time, which eventually led to Donald Trump’s victory and Hilary Clinton’s loss. Clinton won 20 states throughout the election while Trump won 28 states overall.

It was one of the most interesting and entertaining but extremely long election that everyone anticipated for which in turn, left many unhappy regarding Trump being declared victorious. At the same time, a group of people supporting Trump were beaming with joy while some who were supporting Hilary left the rally in tears.