Journalism Students: How to Build Credentials

When we all think of the word, “credentials,” it pops into our minds as a work portfolio, or  work experience we’ve gained under our belts. Truth be told, “credentials,”  is defined through what is listed above. Now the question for journalism students is, “How can we build our credentials?”

First and foremost, you must…

#1: Partake in internships-Don’t just do one internship, but partake in many to help you understand the concept of what certain bosses expect from you and your work performance.

#2: Participate in Extracurricular Activities that pertains to journalism-For example, writing for the yearbook and newspaper staffs. It will help you learn what your editors are looking for and you will be able to differentiate between yearbook style writing and newspaper style writing.

#3: Interview and Connect with Someone who’s experienced in the field of journalism-If you have a relative who knows someone who used to work in the journalism field, contact them, ask for an interview and connect with them. Advice is a great tool to receive from them because it will teach you something that was never taught in school.

These three are some of the ways how to build credentials. Credentials help you get a job and will help the boss understand who you are, what experience you have and what you can gain from working at a certain station.

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