“In Cold Blood” Media Coverage: Then vs Now

It’s easy to compare and contrast what media coverage was like then and what it has become now. But the questions everyone wonders from time to time are, “How faster would we have caught these guys if they were living in the 21st century?” Or, “How would today’s media coverage play a significant role if the two killers were caught in the 21st century?”

Let’s think about it for a moment: These “men” committed a horrendous crime against an innocent family of four almost 57 years ago in Holcomb, Kansas. The detectives back then had to connect the dots to who the killers were, especially after interviewing Floyd Wells, who was a former cellmate to Dick Hickock. Wells created a false story to Hickock regarding Mr. Clutter having a safe filled with money in the home. Hickock then created his plan and after his release, he went to meet with Perry Smith at the bus station in Kansas City and drove for hours to reach Holcomb and look for the money. There was no safe with money in it and decided to go ahead and murder the family anyways. The media coverage back then shook up the entire state and country because they murdered an innocent family in cold blood and because the door was unlocked, which was not rare in those days.

Back to the media coverage, it took days before they were finally caught and arrested in Las Vegas and brought back for trial in Kansas. The media consisted of newspaper reporters and photographers (whom took pictures of the foot prints and other sufficient evidence) and information regarding them was said on both TV and radio.

Nowadays, the information regarding the whereabouts of the killers would be posted and updated on social media, blogs, as well as local/regional news websites, citizen journalists and the detectives would have updated DNA technological devices to determine who they are and go from there. Times have changed and it was a long process back then to determine who the killers were and how would they know it was their footprints that were on the cardboard box.

The media in today’s world would catch them faster because everything has been upgraded to the point where everything can be sent at an instant rate regarding where they were and create a plan about arresting them.

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