Update on Celina, TN: June 2016

It has been ten years since I last visited Celina and even though the town didn’t seem to appear to be any different than it was ten years earlier, there has been one major difference to the highway. In other words, the highway now makes it easier for people to arrive in this tiny town because it has turned into an intersection, where you don’t have to drive down and around multiple mountain curves. The intersection makes it quicker and gives you less of a headache.

Yesterday morning, I went to visit my aunt for a couple of hours and to be honest, this town may have expanded since my last appearance in Celina. There used to be an abandoned barn near the driveway at my aunt and uncle’s house, but it was tore down. Everything seems quite different, but that is due to everyone almost moving out of the house, and the yard became stretched out where another home is held. It may have a different feature added or deducted to Celina in general, but overall, the memories of hanging around my cousins when there were cookouts, will always remain in the boondocks.

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