How to Detect a Con Artist on FB:

Yesterday afternoon, I befriended this “guy” who was supposed to be a preacher, on Facebook. After confirming his friend request, he sent me a message. At first, I thought he was a preacher until he began asking me what I would do if I won one million dollars. Two minutes later, he said that I won one million dollars, $50,000 cash and a new vehicle. There’s no way I would have won that amount of money by a landslide. The light bulb clicked on and it was my turn to ask him a question because the questions he asked sounded suspicious and fraudulent to me. I asked if this was a scam because it doesn’t make sense how I would win $1,000,000 and $50,000 at the same time. He said I was disrespectful. What this “guy” was doing was disrespectful because he was trying to swindle me and other people for money and that’s not going to happen. When someone sounds fishy, it’s never too late to do a quick investigation. And while I answered one of his questions regarding what I would do with a million dollars, I looked him up and it turns out that it was a scammer on the loose. As soon as he said that I was disrespectful to him, I removed him from my Facebook friends list as soon as possible and blocked him immediately.

Here are some red flags regarding the con artist you spot on Facebook:

#1: Swindlers can have poor writing skills. They DON’T ALWAYS CAPITALIZE words such as “I” or” Bob.”

#2: After you answer one of their questions carefully, review their question. Look for specific terms and the tone of the question. In other words, are they blunt, pushy or smooth talkers?

#3: When you answer their questions, watch how they respond because the conversation can turn upside down in a matter of seconds.

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