The Chance to Redo High School:

In the past, I was reserved. Only had friends I would see in school everyday and that was it. As for the days spending my time working on homework and playing on the computer until 5 in the morning on summer breaks, I was a loner and had nothing in common with my peers and former classmates. The point of this blog post is, if I had the chance to go back and change myself for the better in high school, here is what I would do:

#1: Socialize-my biggest fear in school was the ability to communicate  with other students. It was not the fact that everyone had different opinions and beliefs, but the fear of being rejected and misunderstood by a certain clique is what made me back off and hang around people who were in the same boat. Now, almost 23 years of age, I began to realize that there was nothing to fear about associating with people you don’t have things in common with. Instead, put yourself out there and shine.

#2: Stop Giving Up Easily- From quitting a sport in my freshman year of high school, it has been on my mind ever since because if things became too complicated or having the fear of being challenged, I would throw in the towel and leave immediately because it would be the easy way to escape a situation that could escalate quickly. Instead of giving up on a certain project, for example, think of it as a challenge that requires a lot of time to work on but yet enjoyable and rewarding.

#3: Exercise Often & Eat Less- In the beginning of my sophomore year of high school, I gained a little bit of weight which began to build itself up as I grew, graduated and moved to Tennessee Tech. But now, I am trying to control what should be devoured, what to drink and how often exercise should occur since I came back home and now attend school at MTSU.

#4: Don’t Be Lazy & Expect Others to Do Things for You-Motivate yourself to get out of your comfort zone and be proud. It is not always easy to transition from a shy individual to becoming extroverted. You have to put yourself out there. Don’t expect others to help you with your homework unless you need it. Ask questions and be grateful for the help you receive.

#5: Have Fun & Meet New People- As the saying goes, “Life is too short to take everyone in a serious manner.” Make the best of your life and time while here. Go out and live your life. Push the negative aspects out of your life and keep being positive. Positive reinforcement equals rewards.


#6: Join Clubs & Sports-Even though the clubs and sports won’t matter after you leave high school, remember it as an important step on the ladder that will help you climb to the top. In other words, as referring back to the first point, joining clubs and sports will help you earn connections and gain knowledge about the activities.


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