My Time Spent in Celina, TN:

At the age of ten, I spent my holidays with dad’s side of the family. In Celina, I attended my aunt and uncle’s church every Sunday while I lived with my dad and two siblings in Livingston. It was there that gave me a chance to interact with cousins and other church members that I no longer consider strangers to me, but another large and happy family. The building was relatively small, but luckily, we rejoiced together there and to the building next to us where lunch was served. The last time I attended their church was when I was in the seventh grade, working on my geography homework which was eight years ago. I have not been there in almost ten years. Hopefully when I get the chance one day to come back and rejoice again.

While I had my fair share of understanding little by little what Celina was about, my siblings and I would often go over to my aunt and uncle’s house where we would play with our cousins and walk half way up the mountain. Those were the good ole days when technology was beginning to expand and one year before Facebook was created. I remember my cousin encouraging me to sign up for christianmail or christiangirl dot com. I did and it was one of the greatest way to receive messages from your friends and relatives.

My time spent there was tremendous and I definitely miss visiting the town. One of these days I will take a road trip up there.


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