My Visit to 3 Beautiful Country Towns in TN:

IMG_8481As a child, I would take holiday vacations with my family to some of Tennessee’s beautiful country towns: Cookeville, Livingston and Celina. My paternal side of the family lived there and the towns had plenty of room for children to participate in sports and foreign language meetings while the grownups interacted inside the house or barbecued hamburgers on the grill.

To the generation younger than mine, please read and take into consideration of what I am fixing to tell you:

  1. As a kid, spend plenty of time with your cousins. Don’t become addicted to the phones, iPad, and technological devices that are not relevant when spending time with your family.
  2. Participate in sports with your cousins or learn how to cook blueberry muffins, taught by one of your teenage cousins or aunts/uncles.
  3. The key term in this blog post is “Interact.” Interact with everyone, including your grandparents. Learn from them, ask about their past together. Questions similar to this can give you greater insight into their lives of who they were then and who they are now.

Even though I only have one picture on here and it was taken in Livingston, I hope to have more pictures of the two different places within a year or less. My project for this blog is to write about my trip adventures that I used to have as a kid twelve to fifteen years ago.

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