Communication Skills 1a: Conversations with New Classmates

At the beginning of my communication class, my classmates and I started off as strangers. We did not know each other well and the conversations started off awkwardly. But as time moved forward and the semester is coming to an end, we are all comfortable speaking with one another about anything without feeling the need to be distant and shy.

Here are some tips to enhance your communication skills with you and your new classmates:

  1. Introduction-It’s understandable that introductions tend to be awkward because it happens every semester when you meet a new group of people who you’ve never met before. Remember to be yourself and go out of your way to be just as sociable as everyone else.
  2. Groups-When you are assigned to a group in speech class, don’t start off as the leader. Get to know everyone before deciding who will make the decisions and guide the group to victory. Don’t get too personal with your group. Start off with a small talk and work your way up the ladder.
  3. Teams-Same thing as applied to groups. Be yourself when introducing yourself and find out later who will be the team captain and cover which assignments should go to the following members. Leaders are teachers. Teams and groups work together to accomplish tasks and conquer the impossible.
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