For Shy People: How To Erase the Fear of Public Speaking in Class

As difficult as it sounds for a shy person to get up and speak in front of a crowd, hours of practicing in front of a small group of people or in front of a mirror will help you. But, here are some helpful tips from a once-upon-a-time shy individual, such as myself:

#1: Be yourself- Start off your speech with a question and let the audience answer it. Don’t think negative and be confident.

#2: Don’t be your own worst critic- Judging yourself more harshly than your instructor or audience criticizing you does more harm to your self-esteem than any good.

#3: Accept Criticism! It’s Not Personal, but is Professional-When your instructor says that you need to practice on speaking up more, take it as constructive criticism that will be useful when you are out in the workforce.

#4: Practice ahead of time, not at the last-minute-Once you select a topic that will be read in class, make sure to practice ahead of time because if you practice at the last-minute, you will not do well in front of the class and might receive a bad grade, both from the audience and instructor.

#5: Make Plenty of Eye Contact with your audience-Instructors do count off points if you make little to no eye contact with your audience. Make sure to look at them because eye contact also means that you are sending them an important message that should be heard and taken seriously.

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