Media Writing Class & Internship Experience: What I’ve Learned From Both

My first internship at my hometown local newspaper was phenomenal. From writing a few stories to taking pictures of certain places and interviewing business owners/directors, this gave me a new perspective on how newspaper journalists report their stories.

From my Media Writing class, I’ve learned that:

#1: When you write a story, the first paragraph is about the “What.” In other words, what happened at the store.

#2: The story is written in past tense.

#3: Before you interview someone, the first five questions you ask that person should be basic and the last five questions need to be complex.

As for my internship, I’ve learned…

#1: The story has to have a certain amount of words to be considered a “story.”

#2: On certain days, newspapers must be delivered to certain places and not every day is about writing and interviewing.

#3: Photographs are rarely used in newspapers. Most stories and advertisements are published every week in the paper.

#4: Write down a list of questions before interviewing a business owner and ask for clarification after you wrote down their answers because it is never okay to end the conversation, twist their words and send it to your editor for a newspaper publication. It will not only look bad on your part if you end it and not ask to go over their answers, but it will make the individual and newspaper look bad and unorganized.

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