The Three Reasons Why Blogging Has Become the New Yearbook:

Blogging has an impact to those who love photography and writing. But the question is, has blogging become the new yearbook? Think about it… it is easy, quick, free and less time-consuming to publish your work online than it is to be on the yearbook staff and wait for the new school year to pick up a copy of a yearbook and have people comment on it. How is it the new yearbook online, you may ask?

#1: Blogging-your work is published online and receives more comments than anyone signing a school yearbook.

#2: Considering the amount of photographs and stories posted on a daily basis, you don’t have to be accepted or rejected by a certain group. It happens in a high school environment that only cares about popularity contests. Instead, blogs focus on the majority of topics that are and are not mainly covered in the yearbook for various reasons.


#3: You are your own staff: the adviser, editor-in-chief. You are responsible for grammatical, punctuation errors, creative ideas and topics that you feel should be addressed and published for online readers to comment.

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